Lapis Elevatus Cum Vento (HD video)

Lapis Elevatus Cum Vento describes an encounter with a boundary or threshold. Created using imagery derived from 3D modeling and screen capture software, it narrates an experience of permeable subjectivity. The Rectilinear pillars in the video reference a Grecco/Roman sculptural form known as Hermae. They were used as boundary markers and milestones, placed at locations of transition and transversal. The text in the video is appropriated online, from accounts of outerbody travel. The sound is a mix of original field recordings from Berlin, Brooklyn, Florida. 


Mercury Watches The Road (HD video)

Mercury Watches the Road proposes the pagan god Mercury/Hermes as the patron of our age. It focuses on technology, travel and other domains over which Hermes/ Mercury holds sway. He is the patron of boundaries and travelers who cross them; of transit and transience; of "in-between". He is in the space between a mouth and an ear; the distance between two points. He is the 3rd, uninvited guest that makes 1 and 1 equal 3. 


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